Question for you...

What if you could redefine your relationship with money and feel less stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed by your finances in just 90 days?

Or let me rephrase that...

What if in 90 days you can learn and implement the proven methods for peace of mind with your money?

Create a life with financial stability and security where all of your bills are paid (and paid on time), you have money saved for emergencies, you're freeing yourself from debt payments and investing in your future. 

If you want to learn how to create a life where you have things you need AND want.


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Can you imagine?

Imagine having a mindful, intentional relationship with money and constantly hitting your financial goals without stress, anxiety, or overwhelm?

I can see it now...

You just confidently checked your bank account and didn't see overdraft fees. You transfer money into your savings account for your family's annual vacation and then head to the fanciest new brunch spot with your girls to enjoy your hard-earned money.

Here's the issue...

You know being mindful of your money will help you reach your goals...

But you haven't taken action because...


...you have no idea where to start

...you're losing hope

....you keep putting it off

....you think money management is complicated

If you want to learn how to live in harmony with your money


 Money Reboot 

One-on-One VIP
Strategy Session
This is for you if...

You are action-oriented. 

You quickly turn a "to-do" list into a "to-done" list

Your time is limited.

You want the benefits of financial coaching but your time is limited.

Your finances are one of the most personal parts of your life, so if you prefer to have a private session, then 1:1 coaching is for you.

Tiffany Burns Money Coach

This seven-hour VIP day is a done-with-you strategy session to give your finances the fresh start they need to make progress towards your money goals.

Here's what you get

Every hour is jam-packed with value, so you feel confident about implementing and maintaining your new money strategy.


Here's what we'll cover:

  • Money mindset so that you can begin to reframe your relationship with money

  • Identifying your core values so that your new spending plans include the things that matter most to you

  • Ideas for increasing your income so that you can increase the amount of money coming in versus money going out

  • Financial awareness so that we can review your previous spending patterns.

  • Debt repayment methods so that you can strategically pay down debt

  • Building your new budget so that you have a money management tool in place

  • Creating systems and habits to ensure your long term success

  • Establish your new SMART money goals using all the data we collected in the session to give you achievable milestones.

Still not sure if financial coaching is for you

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