About Me

A Guide to Your Goals

When I think back to my early money memories, there weren’t many conversations about money. By the time I was an adult, I had subconsciously inherited the money habits of the adults in my life. I considered myself a very financially clumsy person. I kept finding myself in financial messes with no plan or hope of changing. I’d make feeble attempts to budget or save money, but they weren’t anchored to anything motivating enough to put forth a real effort. 


Then it FINALLY clicked; I am now married, with a two-year-old, and pregnant with my second child. My husband and I have just decided that instead of working and paying for childcare, I would stay home with our children. At this point, we were on a financial rollercoaster, one month, everything was fine, and the next month we had no idea where the money was and how we’d pay our bills. So as we took a look at the full financial picture, we were completely shocked and overwhelmed to discover we were $91,253 in debt. 


My Breakthrough...

In those days and weeks, I thought about the life I wanted to live and the life I wanted to provide for my children. I didn’t want to continue drawing in debt payments. I wanted the freedom to spend money on things I wanted while effortlessly taking care of the things I needed. I wanted to create memories with my family. I wanted to stop fighting with my husband about money. And most of all, as a Stay-At-Home-Mom, I realized that I no longer had control over the money coming in, so I needed to be involved in the money going out. 


With a crystal clear vision of the life I wanted, I made the conscious decision to reframe my mindset and old money habits. They hadn’t served me in the past, so I didn’t have room for them in my future! 


We attacked that debt with proven and unique methods that were tailored to our family’s situation. We found our balance; we were focused on paying off the debt while still enjoying our lives now, and we paid that debt in 3 years!!!


By developing a life-long financial management system, we have been able to: create a six-month emergency fund, contribute to our retirement, save and invest in our children’s future, invest in real estate, and be a blessing to others in our lives and to the causes we value.  


My debt-freedom journey was not just life-changing for my family and me, but it also revealed my higher calling. Women want our lives to be balanced, harmonious, and purposeful in every aspect of our lives and that includes financial empowerment


I founded The Lotus Legacy to empower women with financial knowledge, methods, and mindset to redefine their stories and build their legacies. To help meet you wherever you are and help you blossom financially to enjoy your money now AND later.