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Girl, I know you feel anxious every time you check your bank account because you have no idea what's going on in there. I know it's overwhelming to see your debt balances not getting lower. And I know that very hopeless feeling trying to tackle your money issues but not quite getting it right, so you give up. 

I know because I've felt all of this and more. 

You've come to the right place because I help women like you ready to release their old money habits and mindset to transform the way you think about and manage their money! 

Is Financial Coaching For Me?

A Financial Coach is a financial professional who helps you redefine your money management knowledge, habits, and mindset. If you do not feel confident with your current money strategy or don't have a strategy, coaching helps you gain clarity around the proven methods to obtain your financial goals.

You have no idea where

all your money is going

You're confused because on paper (and in your mind), your salary is enough to pay all of your bills, save money, and have fun, too, but somehow, the math isn't adding up.


You're frustrated about paying overdraft fees, making payments late, and your money isn't lasting long in your savings account because you need it! 

With The Lotus Legacy, we put YOU in control of your money! Together, we develop a sustainable spending plan that gives you clarity about where your money is going.  We create a balance of financial practicality and productivity to inspire and assist you in living your best life now AND later. 

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You're Overwhelmed and

Don't Know Where to Start

Meet the Founder

Hi, I'm Tiffany Burns! I'm a wife, mother of three, and Certified Financial Coach on a mission to help you redefine your money story! I've paid off $91,000 in debt in 3 years, taken my credit score from poor to excellent, saved and invested for my and my children's futures while enjoying my money along the way!


I founded The Lotus Legacy because regardless of where you are in life or when you start your financial journey, you can blossom financially. Your financial management needs to be tailored to your specific goals to create a life-long transformation where you and your money live in harmony. 

Just by being here on this site tells me you're ready to redefine your money habits, you're ready to gain clarity on how to achieve your financial goals, you want to develop new money truths, and discover the incredible blessing money can be to you, your family and your community.

You are a purpose-driven woman with a higher calling to fulfill. With you and your money working together, you will be limitless. 

Your Breakthrough
is Waiting...

I know the thought of checking your bank statements and bills makes you anxious, so you avoid them for as long as possible.

Your credit card balances aren't getting any lower, and you aren't sure how to tackle your debt.

You want to be free from paying loans and debt. You want to save for your retirement, help your children pay for their college, and give back to the organizations you love. 

Together we focus our efforts on being intentional with your money so you can implement the most results-driven strategies.

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Tiffany Burns The Lotus Legacy